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4 Week Fit Plan

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Why Commando Athletix?

Commando Athletix online fitness training programs help to get the body you desire! With 10 years of certified training experience and education we're one of the best fitness trainers in Atlanta.


With our digital products there are no refunds or returns. Once your item is purchased there is no way for us to recoup or prevent you from accessing the program. For all physical products we will accept returns for unworn/unused products.

Don’t Keep Struggling  and Falling of your Routine!

Grab your Program and get Access to Creative Workouts and Effective Nutrition to Stay on Track Year-Round. 

App Based Training. 

- Creative & Convenient Workouts

- Zoom Accountability Call

- Convenient Adjustment for Home or Gym training 

- Group Me  Private Group


Monthly Subscription can cancel anytime. 

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