5 Ways to Avoid Bad Eating Habits and Lose Weight

5 Ways to Avoid Bad Eating Habits and Lose Weight

Are you trying to lose weight but weight doesn’t want to lose you? More than likely it’s your diet! A fine combo of what you’re eating and your eating habits. The eating habits you have are equally important to the food that you eat and can also play a major role in helping you lose weight or causing you to gain unwanted weight.

Diet and Weight Loss

Less processed foods + Better food choices = More energy for the day, better sleep, better thoughts, better sex +more!

You can lose weight with an eating plan that is based on portion size alone. Using your hands will help TONS.

For example let's say you eat 3-4x a day. Using your fist & palms as a measuring tool. 1 fist/palm equals a serving.

This is your usual meal: 1 palm of carbs, 1-1.5 fist of protein, 2 fists of veggies! It also comes down to is CHOICES.

Choosing foods with as few ingredients as possible will keep you leaner, feeling energized and overall healthier. Choosing foods that make you feel fuller and give you longer lasting energy through the day.

You don't want to Ex processed foods totally out of your diet, keep them in so you won't go CRAZY.

Bad Eating Habits

Build  habits that will become a way of life for you. These eating habits could be drinking less soda, eating lots of fruit and giving in to occasional sweet tooth, limiting yourself to certain foods or extreme weight-loss diets, eating out all the time or even fast food.

These are some of the habits of people who are trying to lose weight. Unproductive habits are the villains of this story. These habits can hold you back from losing weight and even cause you to gain weight.

It could be consuming a large amount of calories or portion sizes and not properly measuring or tracking your intake. Here are the top 3 bad eating habits that can cause you to gain weight and harm your overall health:

1. No reading food labels. You don’t have to memorize the calorie count for every food item you eat, you can see what the serving size is so you’re not A. Missing the mark B. Recognizing how much to eat so you don't have to measure ALL the Time. .

2. Binge Eating - eating lots of food at once to make up for lost time.

3. Not eating regularly. You want to create a schedule to eat by so you can get consistent with it. The better you are with the schedule, the easier it'll build habits.

Change Your Eating Patterns

Bad habits will start to accumulate in your body which will help you to gain unwanted weight if you keep them up. To overcome your bad eating habits or avoid gaining weight you  don't want, you should identify what habits are holding you back.

These are the reasons for gaining unwanted weight and decide on how to change them so that you can have a better way of eating and living life.

Try eating slowly, setting alarms, join an accountability group, purchase meal preps, try meals of the week just to name a few. Keep your food nearby and try to eat it as fresh as you can.

Break the Pattern

Whether it’s your bad eating habit or just the way you eat daily, change your habits. Give yourself 60-90 days to make it a lifestyle. Out of 365, this is a small order.

Eliminate any food that isn't good for you and replace it with healthier alternatives. Start taking the time to get out of the house or go to the gym every morning and not just when you feel like it or have a little extra time on your hands.

Add in healthy snacks as you need them throughout the day and eat when you are hungry. Get Some Work Done For some it might seem like a ‘disease’ but it’s actually a good problem to have.

If you have a good number of daily goals, you are more likely to meet them and get the results that you want. Don’t say that the above is a big change, it can be, but you can make it bigger by adding a healthy drink of water to your daily routine.

If you need help with a nutrition plan pdf check out ours here! Our Nutrition Guide will help guide you to better eating habits.

Your Mental State

There is no doubt that you can have a negative attitude towards diet and exercise. But it can have a huge negative impact on your success if you keep on like this for too long.

The diet is your friend, not your enemy! The key to breaking the cycle is to change your attitude.

If you think that you can’t do it because you’re not ready or you’re not in the right shape or size to do it then you won’t be successful.

Find the Real Reasons Why You Want to Lose Weight What are the real reasons that you want to lose weight? Is it to improve your health, your self-esteem or to look better? The goal is to find your real reasons for why you want to lose weight so that you can put the focus on them.


Consistently try to stick to your diet(way of eating), especially during the holiday season. Pick up new habits that are beneficial and easy to execute. Make your food as tasty & fresh as possible. Get active & Have fun. Overall Keep It SIMPLE. Exercising and eating.. just no too much! Get one of our digital guides!

Eric Roberson

Eric Roberson is a certified fitness trainer based in Atlanta, GA.