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Nothing BUTT Legs! Subscription 4 week plan


Glutei Development program to help you: Maximize Your Glutei Growth with tailored nutrition & Glute Focused Training.  Develop Full Legs with Defined Quads and Hammies Boost Your Confidence to new Heights with Fun & Challenging Workouts.  Maximize your time and...

Commando Corre Package


Develop a strong and defined core to power through your workouts!

4 Week Fit Plan - Commando Athletix 4 Week Fit Plan - Commando Athletix

4 Week Fit Plan

$79.00 $49.00

Don’t Keep Struggling  and Falling of your Routine! Grab your Program and get Access to Creative Workouts and Effective Nutrition to Stay on Track Year-Round.  App Based Training.  - Creative & Convenient Workouts - Zoom Accountability Call - Convenient Adjustment...

21 Day Recharge


21 Day Recharge     21 days of fitness, nutrition, rest, and mindset shifting to assist you in creating the habit of staying active. This will provide  you with momentum To a healthy and active  2020!  - Effective Nutrition Strategies ...

Lean In 6 Challenge 5K CHALLENGE - OCTOBER 11 💪🏾 - Commando Athletix Lean In 6 Challenge 5K CHALLENGE - OCTOBER 11 💪🏾 - Commando Athletix

Lean In 6 Challenge 5K CHALLENGE - OCTOBER 11 💪🏾

$97.00 $79.00

  6 Week Home or Gym Based Training  Nutrition Guide & Weekly Recipes  24 Hour Coach Access Done for You Macronutrients  Relatable Accountability  RESULTS     A challenge to keep you motivated and inspired to streamline your results in 6...

Commando Coaching Package


A 60 Day App-Based Fitness Program complete with Practical Nutrition Strategies, A Challenging Training Regiment, and 24-hour Support to Compliment your Desired Results. Training is created to Be Urgent and Precise In achieving your goals.

2021 Fit Bundle ! #GoCommando - Commando Athletix 2021 Fit Bundle ! #GoCommando - Commando Athletix

2021 Fit Bundle ! #GoCommando

$149.00 $97.00

4WeekFitPlan + January LeanIn6 Round  The Lean in 6 Challenge will Reward $500 to 4 overall winners !  This bundles allows you to enjoy  10 weeks of Improved Strength, Confidence and Results that get you closer to Habit of Training...